Nutri Remedy Pvt Ltd

Therapeutic Reference

1 NUTRI BAEL FORTE Remedy for I.B.S, Antidiarrhoeal & Anti Dysenteric
2 NUTRI BAEL 'S' Fruit & Fiber Laxative.
3 NUTRI CIDOL Antacid for Gastrities, Peptic Ulcer Healer & Anidote of Oral Poison.
4 NL-82 Liver Protective from Bacteria, Toxins, Alcohol & Drugs, Hepato Stimulant & Immuno Stimulant & Energy Tonic, in Lack of Appetite, Reduce Growth, Weight Loss & General Unthriftiness-Aflatoxicosis.
5 NUTRI DERM Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory Emollient for Ache Pain Inflammation, Antimicrobial for Pyoderma, Anticeptic Emollient for Burn & Scald Dressing & Bed Sore Dressing.
6 NUTRI VITA Health,Vigour,Vitality & Tranquility, Brings Satisfaction for both Mentally & Sexually.
7 NUTRI BACTRIN Green Antimicrobial against Gram+ve & Gram-ve bacteria.
8 NUTRI RUMA Anti-Rheumatic , Hypolipidemic & Anti-Atherosclerosis.

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