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Skin Care Oil

Skin Care Oil

We offer Skin Care Oil, namely Nutri Derm. Our Skin Care Oil is beneficial for pyoderma, infective dermatitis, bolus impetigo, boils, multiple furunculosis, and folliculitis. Skin Care Oil is an anodyne anti microbial emollient for burns and scalds. Skin Care Oil reduces surface tension & no blister formation and protects the wound from secondary infections.


  • In burn & scald acts as antioxidant - anodyne anti microbial emollient.
  • In case of burn wound dressing stop burning sensation.
  • Reduces surface tension & no blister formation
  • Prevents protein loss & fluid loss
  • Protects the wound from secondary infections
  • Coagulates the protein within the blister and absorbs by the body
  • No possibility of pain and formation of keloids during healing
  • No possibility of white scar

Nutri Derm should be massaged or applied half an hour before bath or bed time. After application of nutri derm body should be covered with proper clothing and immediate exposure to the atmospheric air or fan or cooler should be avoided. Application of Nutri derm produce heat, so protection from cold exposure is needed.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitaminious oil Lard and other edible oil.
  • Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasodilator â�� Eucalyptus oil, clove oil, winter green oil.
  • Antiseptic and anti microbial emollient in topic ulcer â�� neem oil, sovanjan, garlic and holdi oil.

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