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Pain Relief Oil

Pain Relief Oil

Pain Relief Oil is beneficial for backache, joint pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, spondylitis fracture bone, and myopathy. Pain Relief Oil can be used as massage or physiotherapy in Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, and Post Poliomyelitis. Pain Relief Oil increases circulation, stimulates nerves, supplies nutrients & vitamins, and wipes out congestion. We offer Pain Relief Oil in different quantity to cater diverse demands of the clients.


  • Increases circulation, subsides inflammation & relieves pain by D3
  • Prevents myopathy, providing D3 by photolysis
  • Promotes normal bone mineralization by D3
  • Rectifies hypocalcaemia and hypophosphataemia, providing D3 through skin by photolysis

Mode of Application
Nutri Derm should be massaged or applied at least half an hour before bath or at bedtime. After application of Nutri Derm body should be covered with proper clothing and immidiate exposer to the atmospheric air or fan or cooler should be avoided, as application of Nutri Derm produces heat and so protection should be taken from cold exposures.

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