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Cardiac Care Medicine (Nutri Ruma)

Cardiac Care Medicine (Nutri Ruma)

We offer Cardiac Care Medicine (Nutri Ruma) namely Nutri Ruma. Nutri Ruma is accurately formulated to fight against cardiac problems. Nutri Ruma is medically tested and safe to use. Our Cardiac Care Medicine (Nutri Ruma) conforms to the medical standards, which reflects its high standards. We offer Cardiac Care Medicine at economical price.


  • A double blind clinical trial of fraction of guggul oleo-resin conducted on 84 obese subjects revealed that it was a potent hypolipidaemic agent which reduced serum cholesterol, total lipids and triglycftrides significantly.
  • Serum cholesterol decreased by 8%, 15% and 27% at the end of 4th, 8th and 16 th week respectively in drugs treated (Purified gugul gum 4.5 gm, daily) hyperlipidaemic patients. Serum triglyceride levels also decreased by 6.7%, 17%, 27% at the end of 4th, 8th, and 16th week. HDL cholesterol showed a gradual increase to 35% at the end of 16 weeks.
  • Phase I clinical trial of guggulipid on 21 patients a dose of 400 mg tds. For 4 weeks showed it to be completely safe and devoid of any side effect on liver function, blood sugar and blood urea levels.
  • In Phase II clinical trial, guggulipid was evaluated in 19 patients (from 30 to 65 years) of primary hyperlipidemia. It was given 500 mg (tds) for 12 weeks, following, 6 weeks of dietary control and patients were followed up at 4 weeks intervals. Cholesterol and triglycerids were significantly lowered in 15 patients (76.9%)


  • Nutri Ruma Gr 1 to 2 tsf twice daily after food.
  • Nutri Ruma Cap 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice daily.

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