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Cardiac Care Medicine (NRU 01)

Cardiac Care Medicine (NRU 01)

Cardiac Care Medicine prevents absorption of diatory cholesterol in the gastro intestinal tract by sitosterol (guggulosterol 1 & 2). Nutri Ruma like other hypolipidemic drugs i.e. Atorvastation & symbastin does not interfere with synthesis of cholesterol. Gum resin of Cardiac Care Medicine (NRU 01) acts like cholestyramine that prevents the reabsorption of bile salt & increases their fecal loss. As Cardiac Care Medicine (NRU 01) stops recycling and feedback mechanism through enterohepatic circulation, so the liver of hypercholesterolemic patients, who are taking nutri ruma will be compelled to use cholesterol, especially VLDL & LDL from the blood to synthesize bile juice and which will be ultimately excreted through the stool thus way VLDL, LDL and triglyceride will be reduced.


  • Nutri Ruma arrests the scales formation in the inner wall of the artery
  • Nutri Ruma prevents LDL oxidation.
  • Nutri Ruma increases serum fibrinolytic activity and decreases plate late aggregation
  • Nutri Ruma boosts up immunity
  • Nutri Ruma shows beneficial result in disease with oxidative stress
  • Nutri Ruma control weight gain
  • Completely safe and devoid of any side effect on liver function


  • Nutri Ruma Gr 1 to 2 tsf twice daily after food
  • Nutri Ruma cap 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice daily

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