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Antacid Powder

Antacid Powder

Antacid Powder neutralizes maximum acid and gas. Antacid Powder Decreases the secretion of HCL by inhibiting the motility of the stomach. Accurately formulated, Antacid Powder protects gastric mucosa with triple gel coating provided by vegetative mucin. We offer Antacid Powder in different quantity to cater diverse demands of the clients.

Other Details

  • Minimizes the requirement of antacid by 5 HT of dried vegetable banana powder
  • Heals up peptic ulcer by 5HT of unripe banana and liquorice
  • This anti ulcerogenic efficacy was proved in pharmacological trial. IMS, BHU, 1981
  • Utilizes protein with papain, which is active in all PH of the stomach.
  • Acts as a universal antidote by preventing adsorption of poison, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Effectively control rebound acidity

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